Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation 2011

(May 27, 2011)

Another kindergartener down the line. Or should I say walking the line! Grant proudly accepted his diploma as he participated in graduation ceremonies last night. It has been another great year and Grant has learned SO MUCH. As we started the year out I was concerned about some of the frustration he was having with his homework, but it didn't take long before he was improving and even excelling at his work! His wonderful teacher, Mrs. Lyons, describes him as having this extraordinary "drive" to improve and learn. He always wants to know what to expect, what's next. By the end of the year he was moved to one of the top reading groups in his class and I could tell by his reading homework that he was improving dramatically over the course of the year. One thing I'm sure of is that he had no trouble in making friends! He often talked about his classmates and I know he looked forward to school each and every day because of that camaraderie. And he again managed to keep his teachers laughing the whole year through! By now we are used to hearing "Grant has such a sense of humor!" We love him and are so proud of the wonderful year he's had. Way to go Grant! Congratulations buddy!

In his classroom prior to getting on his cap and stole

Receiving his diploma from Mrs. Lyons during the ceremony

With Mommy - I love you buddy!

Proud parents

The whole crew

Our graudate

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